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“Its playfull yet serious, loose yet very decisive. Apparently its Expressionistic, but I prefer to just call it drawing. Its primitive to some extent, but the layering gives it a complexity that can keep the viewer engaged. The main theme is always interaction.” – Eddie Botha @eddiebotha

Considering the audience’s participation and interaction in art, closely related research, and provides a wealth of concepts that can help thinking about changes, interactions and life systems (Bertalanffy, 1950; Wiener, 1965). Although art has not been directly based on these scientific disciplines, some and many basic concepts, it has affected the development of the external framework (changes).

Began to have a keen interest in exploring the interaction in art practice, in interactive artwork. At the same time, artists realized that a conceptual framework is needed to discuss and think about such artworks. The classification of interactive art systems is called “matrix”. Four situations have been identified, namely ‘Static’, ‘Dynamic-Passive’, ‘Dynamic-Interactive’ and ‘Dynamic-Interactive.

“Static” applies to works that do not change, “Dynamic Passive” applies to works that have been changed but not affected by the viewer, and “Dynamic Interaction” applies to works that change due to viewer actions and “Dynamic Interaction” (Changes) are applied to interactive works that are also affected by other factors, so their responses vary. As see, it does not cover all cases that have proven to be interesting in practice, but it does provide a fairly reliable starting point.

Reference: Art, Interaction and Engagement; Ernest A. Edmonds; De Montfort University; Conference Paper; August 2011; DOI: 10.1109/IV.2011.73 · Source: IEEE Xplore


Courtesy of the artist – Eddie Botha

1.Swimmers, 2016; Indian ink on board; 17 ¾ x 53 15/16 in. (45 x 137 cm.); *This is a unique work

2.Food Mates Are Fishy, 2014; markers on mixed media board with resin coating; 30 5/16 x 77 15/16 in. (77 x 198 cm.)





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