Eddie Botha: Once Upon A Time: Interaction

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As human beings, how should we view this world?

Should we rely on various lifestyles to modify our thinking?

How to set a boundary where we are suspected of being involved?

The work of Australian artist Eddie Botha showcases viewers to explore the possible directions of art and life, also the meaning of boundaries through the interactive storytelling between modern and contemporary. Based on the assessment of social and cultural conditions, what kind of social, moral, ethical, and environmental matters will be raised-out, as well as awakening the withered soul in conveying innocence and sincerity.




澳洲藝術家Eddie Botha的作品,通過現代與當代之間故事與互動方式,帶大家一起探討藝術與生活的可能性,反思界限的意義在於什麼。根據的社會和文化條件的評估,會帶來怎樣的社會,道德倫理與環境問題,以及喚醒枯萎中的心靈,傳遞純真和誠懇美好燦爛。




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