Eddie Botha: I Ate My Neighbour


Bushfires in Australia have been burning since September. The fires have intensified to ” apocalyptic” level, so far, more than 15.6 million acres of land have been burned. it killed at least 25 people and destroyed 2,000 houses. Experts also estimate that more than one billion animals have died since the September fire.

The report said that climate change “obviously played a role in the conditions that caused the fire and the ruthless conditions that supported the spread of the fire, but climate change cannot explain everything that happened.”

According to the report, the fire has destroyed forested areas at an unprecedented rate. There were 89 fires-extremely dangerous phenomena that caused lightning, tornadoes and extreme winds-an increase of 50% compared to 2018-19.

The forest area is extremely dry; a large amount of fuel load, such as leaf litter; the report states that the dry and hot weather caused a fire, which spread rapidly in large areas.

The enquiry provided 76 suggestions on how the state can improve firefighting preparedness and response-New South Wales Governor Gladys Berejiklian accepted all suggestions.

Australia based artist Eddie Botha @eddiebotha through this work – I Ate My Neighbour express his hearts are breaking for the tragic loss of life, and deeply concerned for the months ahead. Fires are still burning, people are still suffering, the emergency services and wildlife careers are still working day and night, and the animals who have been burnt, terrified and left with nowhere to go, desperately need our help.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/25/asia/australia-bushfires-likely-report-climate-scli-intl-scn/index.html

Image Credit: @cnn


Courtesy of the artist – Eddie Botha; I ate my neighbour, 2016; markers on mixed media canvas; 29 1/2 x 23 5/8 in. (75 x 60 cm.)

















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