Eddie Botha First-ever American Exhibition

Eddie Botha creates works based on the theme of interaction. His quirky illustration style was inspired by the street art city. Electronics is incorporated into multimedia works as another layer of interaction. Botha hopes to break the artistic stigma separated from daily life and allow us to interact with actual artworks. Through the arcade buttons, you can achieve a certain degree of fun, and you can explore the interaction between the real world and the game. His work is described as interesting and provocative, with deep information and social commentary. His work has been exhibited at global biennales and art fairs. Botha was born in South Africa, lives in Asia, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

With his first-ever American exhibition, Happy Birthday Eddie Botha Cake Eating Party, Botha used found media clippings from a previous trip to New York in 2016, and drew people from thousands of photos he took around the city. His work is ultimately aimed at entertaining but also stimulating dialogue and debate on some more serious issues. The works have a mixed media approach to them, where the media collages and backgrounds, replicate the everyday urban environment, and the drawn foreground, symbolizing our everyday lives as we navigate life. Anti- Consumerism, sexism, religion, and nature all play part in the Allegorical works that Botha draws as he studies cultures and social behavior wherever he goes.





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