Eddie Botha: Female Togetherness, 2019


In some traditional societies, such as India, women are mainly confined to the private sector. Family obligations determine their behaviour, and public life is the domain of men. However, the equality and comradeship that inspired the revolution fascinated women of all backgrounds. Women are eager to express their political opinions and dissatisfaction. While upper-class intellectuals debated property rights and universal suffrage, the working class took to the streets with its own frustration, such as looking for affordable bread.

The Women Revolution was born out of the ideas of the Enlightenment. The history of the women’s movement, especially in the struggle for freedom, is unique in many respects because it serves two purposes. One is to contribute to freedom from being ruled, and the other is to put pressure on their compatriots and foreign governments to urgently carry out social, economic, legal and political reforms to improve women’s lives.

Australia based artist Eddie Botha @eddiebotha through this work – Female Togetherness, optimistic days of the revolution, the notion of equality was applied in theory to both women and to the enslaved people.

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/art-and-culture/womens-day-special-forgotten-revolutionaries-of-bengal-british-rule-pritilata-waddedar-matangani-hazra-bina-das-labanya-prabha-ghosh-6298499/

Image Credit: Indian Express


Courtesy of the artist – Eddie Botha; Female togetherness, 2019; Indian Ink on 300gsm canon paper on board; 35 13/16 x 35 13/16 in. (91 x 91 cm.)















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