Donald Moffett: Nature Cult

Nature Cult is the first solo exhibition of American artist Donald Moffett, which highlights his recent works characterized by provocative minimalism, glossy surfaces and uncanny forms exploring subjects on nature, the body and desire.

In the past two decades, the artist has developed a unique coating application in which the pores and bristles surface cause the effects of the human body, plant and molecular forms, and bullet holes. The appearance of this series of works marked a major change in Moffett’s work and challenged traditional painting concepts. In Moffett’s recent Nature Cult series, the exhibition borrowed the name of the work, and experiments with paint are still going on, involving the artist’s continuous investigation of nature and organic forms. His deep concern for nature stems from his training in biology and the time spent on the ranch during his childhood. These large abstract resin paintings started with the digital rendering of biological shapes and then milled from wood. Then, coat the surface of each paint with multiple layers of resin and paint to achieve its final gloss or matte effect. The resin surface interacts with light and the environment to reveal changing colors and attractive color depths. The organic and mysterious signs that appeared simultaneously in the Nature Cult series continue to convey Moffitt’s concern for the power of nature and destructive power.





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