Donald Duck and his dream, 2020 by Paola Boni

Courtesy by the artist – Paola Boni, Donald Duck and his dream; acrylic and oil on canvas; 15 3/4 × 15 ¾ in. (44 × 44 cm.)



The pop-art definition is – use images and ideas from popular culture, which can lead to some pretty interesting ideas about fine art. First emerging in the 1950s, pop art was inspired by the major role that mass media played in modern life. From popular magazines to advertisements on billboards to comic books, the world was filling up with images, and pop artists were fascinated by this.


Hyperrealism definition is – realism in art characterized by the depiction of real-life in an unusual or striking manner. Optical illusions kind of mess with your head, but so can images that look too real to be fake. That’s the idea behind hyperrealism, the style of art characterized by extremely naturalistic images.

About Paola Boni:

Paola Boni, an Italian painter, was born in Colorno, Parma where she lives and works today. Boni holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Commerce and for years she has worked in her family’s business until she decided to follow her strongest desire: to work every day with colours.

Boni’s passion for drawing has been part of her life since childhood and thanks to Lesley Harrison’s book “Painting Animals That Touch the Heart”, she fell in love with pastel painting.

“Being very meticulous in reproducing details, I have thus discovered oil painting as a means to satisfy my requirements, even if I am constantly looking for new techniques to make my subjects ever more realistic, by experimenting with new tho and three-dimensional possibilities.”

Very active on the international art scene, Paola Boni has exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and internationally including in Parma, Palermo, Brescia, Viterbo, Riccione, Noto, Bologna, Longarone, Forte dei Marmi, Cannes, Montecarlo, Oviedo, Madrid, Genova, London, Santa Monic

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The colouring subject was deemed too difficult to approach on a medium in the year of 1407 which is simply shining-through to the era of numerous which was made possible almost entirely as a result of a unique form successful mastery of the categories of Pop-art,

The original colour founding a colouring format to understand and respond to the next generation of colouring form which is beginning to use the techniques of individual colouring forms in a direction of creating a unique form,

Increasingly collaborating with any different kind of colours arranging for its to be a new stability form of colouring with an affinity occurred and the dark poem spreading-across the Ocean,

Based on a chromatic analysis of colouring transforming the application of pure colours in meticulous in reproducing attentive to details placing the emphasis on the act of understanding of colouring for a revolution to the future of Pop-art.


Artwork Details:


Artist: Paola Boni

Title : Donald Duck and his dream, 2020

Medium: acrylic and oil on canvas

Size: 15 3/4 × 15 ¾ in. (44 × 44 cm.)





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