Diana Thater – The Road to Hana Two

Los Angeles-based artist Diana Thater has created groundbreaking films, videotapes, and installations whose main theme is the tension between the natural environment and media reality, and the extension of tamingTension with the wild.Her fascinating, sometimes almost abstract works interacted with literature, animal behavior, mathematics, chess and sociology and other sources, forming an intricate relationship

between time and space.


The Road to Hana Two,2014

Nine(9)monitor video wall

Overall:68 3/8 x 121 x35 / 8 inches 173.6 x 307.3×9.2 cm

Monitor,each:22 7/8 x 40 3 / 8×35 / 8 inches 58.1 x 102.5 x 9.2 cm

Dimensions variable with equipment

Edition l of 1,1 AP Certificate of Authenticity THADII104.1 Since the early1990s




Published by hahahacheong

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