David Hockney – Bigger Trees near Warter or

The subject of this painting is David Hockney in Yorkshire in the north of England, and you can see the scenery near the village of Warter. The shallow foreground shows a tall tree and some bushes of daffodils. The majestic fig is the central focus of the work. In the background you can see another dense bush with a pink hue. The roads on the left and the buildings on the right provide signs of human habitation. The overlapping branches of the trees form a clear pattern, clearly delineating the winter sky. After painting in California in the late 1990s, Hockney turned his attention to the landscape of his hometown in the early 21st century.


David Hockney; Bigger Trees near Warter or / ou Peinture sur le Motif pour le Nouvel Age Post-Photographique 2007; Oil paint on 50 canvases (914 x 1219 mm each) ; Tate: Presented by the artist 2008





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