Choi Woolga – Many Thousands of Things


This exhibition presents a series of arkworks by the Korean artist Choi Woolga, entitled as Many Thousands of Things, which is inspirited by the human figures that makes their way into the texts of these painting, but they ate overwhelmed by the massive intrustion of coheres. In the meantime, the inclusiveness of these painting is to be admired so much stuff gets packed into the compositions, one has the sense that the scenes are meant to conveny the crowded nature if contemporary life in way that embody such life.




Published by hahahacheong

Rì Galerie 日空間 is a virtual art gallery, aims to discover and explore the infinity and affinity of Contemporary Art that is the nascent intention of the gallery, in the meantime, presenting artwork by largely emerging artists who have not been discovered whose work has been rarely or never exhibited, as well as providing support and encourage them to remain on their creative journey.

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