Chiho Aoshima: Our Tears Shall Fly Off into Outer Space

Our Tears Shall Fly Off into Outer Space is a solo exhibition by the Japanese artist Chiho Aoshima, which features a selection of digital animation, sculptures, and hand-painted works. In the fantasy images created, the buildings have become fairy-tale creatures. Trees walk and talk; nymphs wander in the cemetery; even in apocalyptic images such as tsunamis, people see a new world that is prosperous after the end of the world. Her works stimulate our imagination of another world invisible around us.

Digital media provides versatility for her image output: they can be printed in any size of inkjet or color display, and can be installed on plexiglass as a frame work or cover the entire wall as a mural. It feels as if we can enter the artist’s fantasy world: we can hear her talking to other creatures wandering in the graveyard, and see her become excited or depressed, worried or relieved.




Published by hahahacheong

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