Bridget Riley: Prints 1962 – 2020

Prints 1962-2020 is a solo exhibition by the British artist Bridget Riley, which not only reflects the precision of painting but also reflects the beauty of her painting practice. This selective retrospective will trace her creative printmaking process from its origins in the 1960s to the present. Riley produced the first silkscreen print in 1962, and since then, she has continued to create a large number of meaningful graphic works. Since the 1960s, Riley’s prints can almost only be used in screen printing. This medium can accurately depict form and color. Riley’s prints are one of the most advanced and technologically advanced works ever.

These complex structures will produce subtle and fascinating visual perceptions and experiences. In his later works, Reilly explored a wider range of image issues, breaking the image plane, and opening up the sense of space and depth. Murals, such as the Arcadia Group and Rajasthan, are gaining momentum. Repetition and rhythm continue to play a vital role in establishing and maintaining these new forces.




Published by hahahacheong

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