Breaking the Silence Habit

Breaking the Silence Habit, senior consultant Sarah Beaulieu provided a five-part framework that allows employees to engage in difficult but necessary conversations about sexual harassment and violence and develop new and better ways of working together.

After the #MeToo movement, employees and leaders are struggling to deal with the prevalence of sexual harassment. Most methods just emphasize understanding and compliance with existing laws. But people not only need a list of things to do and don’t do, they also need to learn how to navigate this uncertain and emotional terrain. Sarah Beaulieu provides a new skills-based approach to addressing sexual harassment prevention and response in the workplace, including the use of underdeveloped skills such as empathy, situational awareness, boundary setting, and intervention.

The author outlines a five-part framework for conducting conversations about sexual harassment. Feel uncomfortable; be curious, not angry; see the whole picture; and embrace practical problems. By embracing these conversations, we can break the cycle of avoidance and silence, which can make our lives and workplaces full of turbulence and insecurity. Based on storytelling, humour and many real-life scenarios, this book introduces the idea of uncomfortable conversation, which is a core skill that enables everyone to bring all their talents and contributions to a safe and respectable workplace.




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