Botticelli and His Times

Botticelli and His Times is an exhibition that explores the creative direction of the Florence painting circle at the end of the 15th century through the collection of the Uffizi Gallery, with a special focus on the great master Sandro Botticelli.

Among the various artists, Botticelli was particularly good at expressing the cultural atmosphere of the time because he had a deep relationship with the Medici family. From his works, the influence of “The Great Lorenzo” and the entire Medici family on the culture of the time that is a significant influence. The Medici family has a profound cultural background, advocating Neo-Platonism, and often exerts a huge influence on artists through social circles. The dignity and freedom that human beings enjoy can create their own destiny, realize beauty and love, and allow the world to transcend the secular state and reach the sacred spiritual realm. As a result, Venus, the incarnation of love and beauty, has become one of the most important central images under this trend of thought.




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