Bojan Sarcevic: L’Extime

L’Extime is the first solo show by the Belgrade-born visual artist Bojan Sarcevic, which is consists of a series of new sculptures comprised of massive marble blocks.

Each marble block is geometrically scored and equipped with a functional industrial freezer inserted or placed on it. Like an exotic sarcophagus, dark blue, green or rose-colored marble blocks seem to engulf the machine. Where food may be found in them, polar terrain will form along the walls of the freezer, and its abstract noise components will resonate in the thick frost and ice crystals.

Three muscular figures slightly larger than life surround and interact with the marble sculpture. Their unique postures and carved stone heads create a creepy sense of unity. Contrary to their seemingly merciless masculinity, these figures are dressed in delicate silk tops and cut into a typical 1980s silhouette, while shibari ropes restrain their hips and feet.

The title of the exhibition, L’Extime (Extreme), set the stage. The term means that even our closest feelings may be strange and unfamiliar to us. It can be seen that the form itself has become different. Whether it is a mineralogical block artificial freezing machine or a deformed figure, they are all caught in the process of petrochemical transformation, as if fossils become new hybrid humanoid creatures. The entire study is aimed at the opposition: time and time again difficult and fragile, sultry, cold and vibrant, mechanical and physical.






Published by hahahacheong

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