Bill Scott: A Prolonged Moment

A Prolonged Moment is the artist’s eighth solo exhibition by the American artist Bill Scott with the gallery, which included a selection of new abstract oil paintings that captured the vigorous energy and brilliant colors of Scott’s work, as well as a selection of small watercolors, which marked the artist’s first return to the medium in decades.

Scott’s abstract composition is usually inspired by nature, whether it’s the plants in his studio, the scenery on his windows, or the scenes he encounters while walking in and around Philadelphia, United States. Then, these representative elements are filtered through the artist’s imagination of the ideal place and appear on the canvas in vivid colors, geometric forms, and spontaneous gesture lines. Scott’s contact with nature began in his childhood when he envisioned a wonderful place to escape.

Music and poetry are also important to Scott’s creative process and practice. This is especially evident in the way Scott creates texture, depth, and density on the surface of the canvas, such as applying a thick layer of paint to his oil paint, and while others scrape it off, in other people In the middle, very thin, almost transparent paint is used. The end result is that the composition shakes with life and movement.




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