Benny Andrews: Portraits, A Real Person Before the Eyes

Portraits, A Real Person Before the Eyes is the third solo exhibition by the American artist Benny Andrews, which showcasing portraits—a vital and constant genre throughout the artist’s oeuvre, it features 35 portraits, represented by paintings and works on paper created between 1957 and 1998.

In his humanized portraits, the artist used his signature and pioneering use of painting and collage to construct surfaces to create depictions composed of fleshy touch, extending the nanny into three-dimensional space to enhance their presence Being in human beings and defining their distinctive way in characteristic, because “collage provided him with a degree of depth and breadth not found in painterly realism.” Indeed, his discovery of collage and texture is a way of constructing surfaces to confirm his interest in personal and shared human experience. His powerful portrayal of people whether famous or unnamed strengthened his deep connection with the human emotional soul.

In order to find a visual language to capture the immediacy of daily life and the trivial nature of the subject, The artist first developed his “rough collage” technique, combining fragments of paper and cloth with paint on canvas.





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