Ann Purcell: Kali Poem

Kali Poem is a series of poem by the American artist Ann Purcell, which is meaning of the profound, and the answer comes from a poem: May Sarton’s “The Invocation to Kali,” published in Poetry (1971).

At that time, the artist only read the six-line poem without knowing the origin of the author. Later she discovered that it was created by the famous poet May Sarton. In fact, this hindsight is completely consistent with Sarton’s poem, because this poem is one of the process and the inference. The poet and reader examine the need for human destruction in four parts. The fifth part of the poem ” Invocation” is an appeal of the Hindu goddess Kali to “be with us” with the purpose of “bringing darkness into light.” For Sarton, it is the power represented by Kali. Kali is a seemingly terrifying goddess, the destroyer of evil forces, and the protector of the universe. It makes us realize how hard we must make create free from destruction. The six lines of “Invocation” have long been engraved in the artist’s mind: “Help us to be the always hopeful / Gardeners of the spirit / Who know that without darkness / Nothing comes to birth / As without light / Nothing flowers.”





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