Angelo Troilo: Adrift, 2020

“Mainly the colors. Everything is focused on wanting to share a state of tranquility and serenity, as “to share a state of happiness cheering all the viewers to stay in optimistic energy safely and healthy.”

I believe that the work is food for the spirit and as such it must be appetizing and, in my opinion,, the color must capture you-lull you.”

– Angelo Troilo 丨 @angelotroilo_at

We are fascinated with this painting – Adrift,2020 by Angelo Troilo.

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The artist revived the aesthetics of his coloring form, such as the figurative and the tondo composition while figures in contrapposto may appear true to life, in addition to discovering new and innovative methods of artistic production. Each of these achievements required a new keyword(s) or symbol(s) to describe them, and many of the message(s) that emerged is still going through from his colouring green, pink, yellow, and white on his paintings.


Courtest to the artist – Angelo Troilo; Adrift, 2020; oil on canvas; 63 3/8 x 40 15/16 in. (161 x 104 cm.)

Special thanks to: Daryl Yip @yforyipdaryl

Inspired by @gagoian










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