Angela Bulloch & Josephine Pryde: Sky, Rocks & Digits

Sky, Rocks & Digits is a joint exhibition by Berlin-based artists Angela Bulloch and Josephine Pryde, which pays attention to the interaction between the body and technology. Both artists explored the historical and continuing significance of technological mediation and the technologies that produced, enabled, or prohibited.

“Digits” represents the ambiguity of fingers, numbers or data, which is the entry point of a central theme in Bulloch’s practice: from a broad, broad perspective, the use of technology to navigate the world to the small scale of humans on the iPad In Never Ending (2015), a bunch of geometric units designed and designed using 3D imaging have anthropomorphic proportions; this sculpture is crowned with the crown of a tablet installed with the video game Monument Valley, inviting viewers to become games and active participant in artwork. In her “Night Sky”, Bulloch reproduced distant constellations from various locations in the universe. Sculptures, these flashing installations explore the sliding between the real world and the virtual world that we experience personally, which would be impossible to achieve without the help of advanced technology.





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