Andre Hemer: These Days

These Days is the first solo exhibition by the New Zealand artist André Hemer, which features a series of new paintings and sculptures created during the global shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are exhibited. These new works reflect Heimer’s continuous interaction with nature, especially the cycle of the rising sun and setting sun, which particularly aroused his attention to the sudden quietness of his hometown of Vienna.

The artist is well-known for the perfect integration of digital scanning process with thick acrylic paint physical processing technology. His paintings are made by layering paint on flatbed scanners exposed to natural and artificial light which have matured in this era. In this era, the boundary between reality and manufacture has been severe erosion. As the spread of COVID-19 has changed people’s daily lives in unexpected and unprecedented ways, his work has become more pungent and urgent, prompting people to stop using digital experiences to replace living ones, and embrace what seems to be universal need to reconnect with the natural world.

His new painting is drawn as a diagram and encapsulates a short period of time. The title of the exhibition that reflects beauty with its rich colours and reflections of light, hope, a feeling of isolation, and uncertainty, and the silence we have felt in the past. These paintings are full of rich pinks, peaches and golds, as well as cool whites and purples, and look like they are floating and moving in the vast sky. In this way, these works can act as contemporary landscapes, capturing the ever-changing physical and spiritual atmosphere, and recording specific times, places and experiences.




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