Pool with Two Figures, 2020 by Madsaki

Courtesy of the artist โ€“ Madsaki; Pool with Two Figures, 2020; acrylic on canvas; 31 1/2 ร— 22 1/16 in. (80 ร— 56 cm.); This is a set of limited-edition


Artwork Details:


Artist: Madsaki

Title: Pool with Two Figures, 2020

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 31 1/2 ร— 22 1/16 in. (80 ร— 56 cm.)

Remark: This is a set of limited-edition


The fascination was in using a form of colouring for the representation of a watery subject, transforming from the original brings it together many of fantasies in most of the loves,

The paradox of freezing in a still focused on imagination what is never still, water, the swimming pool, and the two figures on the capriccio of colouring,

The colouring technique was a denial of the line, heretofore the greatest strength in the celebration of mass and colour and light that brought the viewer may be directly on the way of attraction on the way of colouring,

Light and movement, observing the dynamism of the splashing water, populated the work with painted paper cut into shapes of divers, swimmers, and the two figures, which the joy is clearly reflected in the experimental of colouring.


Selected Music:

Courtesy by the artist โ€“ Harry Styles; Falling; SME (on behalf of Columbia); LatinAutor, LatinAutor โ€“ UMPG, ASCAP