Georg Baselitz: Year Later

Year Later is the first solo exhibition of new painting and works on paper by Georg Baselitz. The focus of the exhibition is 13 large-scale oil paintings created by Baselitz with the technique of โ€œIndiaโ€, related to the techniques he used in the โ€œWhat if โ€ฆโ€ (2019) series, which was launched in San Francisco early this year. When creating new black-gold paintings, he used the template to draw inverted figures on a blank canvas and painted only the background to form a dazzling silhouette. Then, he pressed a black canvas over the canvas and lifted it up, forming a softer image than direct painting. This hybrid approach not only emphasizes more media than images but also has an unpredictable character that reflects freedom and vitality. In the only pink painting, Baselitz depicts the figure in a positive image without a template.