Tu Hongtao

Tu Hongtao is a solo exhibition of key paintings from the past decade and a half by the Mainland Chinese artist Tu Hongtao. The dozens of representative works selected in this exhibition span two exhibition halls, including multiple museum collections and important private collections at home and abroad, recording the artistโ€™s long-term thinking about his own art coordinates. From the early days of the gray haze city and the cathartic sense of confrontation among the crowds of desire, to the intricate abstract landscape that captures the traditions of China and the West and reinterprets the relationship between space and time, Tu Hongtao described the relationship between creation and individual as โ€œfrom the traditional In an attempt to get a philosophical understanding.

The first image is one of my favorite works in the exhibition โ€“ A Horse of All Things, 2014-18. Oil on canvas, 82 11/16 x126 inches (210 x 320 cm). ยฉ Tu Hongtao.