Yuan Yuan โ€“ Irregular Pearl

Irregular Pearl is the solo exhibition by the rising Chinese artist Yuan Yuan, which is a series of works depict a claustrophobic space, but the fireworks filled with human activities have never appeared to anyone. From the moment of being abandoned by humans, from a private territory to a public space, the artist feels that this process is very similar to the process of the artistโ€™s work being displayed in front of the public: from the moment the work is stared at by others, the artist gives up exclusively enjoyment of the works. In the process of gradually recognizing the time and space in the picture, the audience also interprets where the self is. The audience finally falls into not only the world in the painting but also their own projection. Through the traces left by humans, the humans who are absent from the beginning to the end are represented. The side of the picture is originally the theme itself. Even the most insignificant details in the picture are worth expressing. In the barren and incomplete space, time becomes clear It can be seen that the echoes of spirit and emotion are amplified and identifiable.