Frog King Kwok

Frog King Kwok (aka Kwok Mang Ho) is an unyielding artist and one of the most important figures in the history of contemporary art in Hong Kong.As early as the 1970s, he was a pioneer in performing performance and conceptual practice experiments in Hong Kong.Frog King is one of the earliest contemporary artists in Hong Kong. He explored ink and wash as a conceptual tool, using ink and wash as both action and material into multimedia installations, performances, events and assembled environments, including discarded objects andEveryday items.Through his practice, Frog King floats between Chinese and Western cultures by combining Chinese calligraphy with English writing, which he calls โ€œsandwich fontsโ€, or splashes with bold paint intended by Expressionism and Taoism.He completed his work by suppressing many red Chinese spare ribs he created.