Mizuki Nishiyama โ€“ Shunga

Shunga is the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong by the New York based Japanese artist Mizuki Nishiyama. The artistโ€™s generous donation of three paintings dedicated to Operation Smile for action in August which provides free, safe and safe and high-quality surgeries for children with cleft conditions in developing countries.

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The title of the exhibition directly cites Shunga, a traditional Japanese erotic art form, mainly appearing on ink paintings or woodblock prints during the Edo period (1600-1868). Literally meaning โ€œphoto of springโ€, despise sex and praise the intimacy of beauty and nature. In the proper conception of Edward W. Saidโ€™s post 1978 structuralist novel โ€œOrientalismโ€, Nishiyama deeply studied the sponsorship of Oriental culture and has now developed into โ€œOrientalismโ€ as a painter of Japanese ancestry, she put the Japanese heritage and modern Orientalism and other subtle concepts such as the axis to eliminate the desire in sexual desire.