Kaleidoscopes: Contemporary Portraiture

Kaleidoscopes: Contemporary Portraiture is group exhibition exploring the meaning of portraits through the lens of selected artists who came from a variety of cultures and practices, exploring different ways of expression and self-expression, and the methods derived from them.The works on display alternate between the duality of visualization/abstraction and introspection/perception, which examines the formation of identity and humanistic ideals because they are subject to review and change.In the course of its history, portrait painting has flourished as an art form.Before the invention of the camera, painting, drawing or carving portraits was the main way to record peopleโ€™s appearance.As portrait paintings evolved from their recording function to provide more abstract and inspiring forms of expression, artists tried this form to depict themselves and contemporary people in various vivid ways.Portraiture captures the essence of individuals as well as their lives and perceptual experiences through human Tocus, reflecting as many themes as objects that turn images into reality.