Racket of Cobwebs

Racket of Cobwebs is a group exhibition going through discussions based on works of art have long been separated from basic elements such as production materials and production tools, and have been extended to encounters and feedback in the process of growth.Extending the chain of life indefinitely, the publication label will serve as an intermediate node rather than an end point.Just as human beings have run out of interest in the process of spiders forming webs, the arrangement, reorganization, and hunting of spider silk after forming has become a new object of observation.However, the artistโ€™s subjective consciousness is unwilling to be observed as specimens, and there is a spider silk racket to respond to the voice of society.In this way, the best work formed is the racket itself that has undergone countless inspections. In different contexts, the artistโ€™s reaction movements and hitting methods form a personal style.