Gary Simmons: Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark is a presentation of new works by the United States artist Gary Simmons, which includes both the artistโ€™s new paintings and works on paper, implementing his signature โ€œerasure drawingโ€ and inheriting his long-term exploration of race and identity politics.In this latest series of works, the works show the lighthouse and the observatory, seemingly benign and kind images. The functions of the two and the metaphor of American surveillance are in contrast to each other while the observation deck is the opposite. It symbolizes the omnipotence of the law and is also a mark of the American prison system.The scratch processing method makes the image ghostly and uncertain. Even so, the audience can still clearly distinguish the distance between the lighthouse and the observatory.This fascinating series of works, placed in the framework of this exhibition, reveals the deep-rooted problems between inequality and race in the United States. Through the works, the artist and the audience are involved and confronted with these real struggles.