Look at Me

Look at Me is a dialogue between the past and the present, as well as the modern and contemporary showcase the work of artists YAN Pei-ming, Lucio Fontana and Pablo Picasso. Through a century, it presents the encounter of iconic works, and these masterpieces have been and will continue to be an infinite source of inspiration for new works (base or re-creation).

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Yan Pei-ming was born in Shanghai in 1960 and grew up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.Since 1982, he has lived and worked in France.In the more than 30 years of his creative career, the cultural differences between the West and the East have shaped his unique expression style, making him appear on the international stage and become one of the most admired concrete painters in contemporary times.He used portraits of masters, or recreated them.His masterpieces relive the history in it, and often arouse the psychological burden of these masters, and even convey their innocence and crispness.