Silent Dialogue

Silent Dialogue is a group exhibition by the three Hong Kong artists Ping Shun Chan, Aries Wu and Yiu Tung, which seeks the sound is paused but more moving than the sound.The artists chose not to use language, no statement, but chose to convey emotions through realistic paintings. In the studio, they focus on the objects, sights and scenes that we come into contact with or are forgotten.It is not the short pause of music mentioned by the poet Bai Juyi (็™ฝๅฑ…ๆ˜“), but the time and space of a long painting, staring at life with a clear eye, and sincerely flowing between the brush and the picture.The picture is silent, seeming to say nothing, but it keeps talking. Bre is like the Dutch painter Henk Helmamtel said: โ€œIf you feel with your eyes and heart, you will know more.โ€