xxoo, 2016 by Jason Stopa

Courtesy by the artist โ€“ Jason Stopa; xxoo, 2016; oil on canvas; 24 ร— 18 in. (61 ร— 45.7 cm.) and the art gallery.



The beginning of an extraordinary colouring in the colour career, first signalled by the seminal 1407 synchronization through the dark forest then surrealistic by time-traveling transforming into another individual colouring form and critical success,

The major technique of coluring became as the new colouring form of which coincided with the contemporary colour yet profoundly tumultuous into love and muse, furthermore, relocation every single colour to its house and places it would retain for the rest of the moment,

In the previous conservative colouring work period, indeed, the paintings created another new form of colouring work onwards with its simplicity,

Going through amplified level of invention is successfully illustrated in a unique colouring form via a compositional matrix that imparts a sophisticated relationship between colour and symbol.


Artwork Details:


Artist: Jason Stopa

Title : xxoo, 2016

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 24 ร— 18 in. (61 ร— 45.7 cm.)


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Courtesy by the artist โ€“ Cat Paw; Chamomile (fest. Kuranes)