Invader: Hanging

Hanging is a solo exhibition of new Alias and Rubikcubist works by the internationally renowned French artist known as Invader, which feature his iconic mosaics and a series of โ€œRubyMasterpiecesโ€, which are inspired by the entire history. The artist is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential contemporary urban artists of his generation, who has always challenged tradition.In 1998, he broke into the scene and quickly became popular all over the world for his โ€œinvasion.โ€ This invasion used guerrilla methods to place pixelated video game characters and pop culture prototypes composed of square tiles in a highly visible position, butUsually located in an out of reach.Each of his idiosyncratic mosaics is part of a large and magnificent long-term global installation fragment that engages in dialogue between the city and its residents. Parallel to The artistโ€™s public art are his artworks for galleries and institutions.