Kwon-shing Lau: Fantaisie Ordinaire

Fantaisie Ordinaire is a comic originally edited by Kwong-shing Lau and invited Amsterdam musician Victor Butzelaar to compose music. The whole book replaces the narrative with music scores, echoing the rhythm of the picture development.The story tells that a man and a woman meet in a peaceful day; from the leisurely appearance of the man to the waiting, and then the transition to the womanโ€™s preparation for the appointment. The accelerating rhythm brings increasing tension, and then it ends in an instant. Readers listen to the soundtrack and read the pictures, experience the heart-beating stories with rich music, and feel a different way of reading comics.

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Lau has always liked to study the possibility of expression in comics, such as the coordination of images and words, the use of symbols and sub-mirrors, and narratives starting from the flow of time. The exhibition is an experimental creation of his personal exploration of comic language.In this exhibition, the manuscripts have been rearranged, which is different from the sequence in the book. Under Lauโ€™s changeable composition and angle of view, as well as his unique painting style, he interprets this ordinary day from another angle of story.