Juri Markkula: Interaction

Interaction is the beauty of nature carefully crafted by the Finnish artist Juri Markkula. It is a celebration of the integration of the digital world and the physical world. It shows the intensity of his relief works, in which the painted surface faces us from multiple angles. Projection can be overwhelming. The RGB Ground series works by Carmin Ground and others appear in different sizes and evoke peopleโ€™s call for leaves and grass in an enlarged and fragile state, thus changing the natural and real feeling.

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Markkula uses his unique creative process including 360 high-resolution scanning system and customized digital engraving system to celebrate the pure ground beauty he sees every day in the rural areas where Sweden lives. His RGB series is a meticulous expression of nature, and its form has undergone bold synthesis and digital amplification.

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RGB (Red Green Blue) refers to the additive color system used in every digital screen and video device. Markkula deliberately chose these three vibrant artificial colors to create his abstract beauty. His work becomes a hybrid of the digital world and the physical world.