Tianzhuo Chen: Recollection Pierces the Heart

Recollection Pierces the Heart is a solo exhibition by the Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen, which includes his installations, videos, paintings, digital sculptures and lightbox design work. His works incorporate media such as dance, ceremony, fashion, literature, painting, painting, installation, video and performance, and incorporate religious symbols into image elements. These symbols are drawn from various urban subcultures shared by global youth culture. Chenโ€™s work transcends the field of visual art, bringing a multi-faceted, multi-sensory experience, realizing what the artist calls โ€ spiritual activismโ€.

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The artist lives in an era of endless information, rapid cultural exchanges, and constant self-expression. He believes that art is not about dismantling past works, but about reflecting the current situation of the rapidly changing world.Using the references and images of traditional mythology and contemporary culture, he constructed a fake world created by his creation. When quoting the concept of enlightenment brought by religion, in the old world, the artist emphasized that digital technology provides us with novel, digital and hygienic effects experience. The artist explores the relationship between body and soul, as well as the relationship between dream and reality. His parties and animistic works are full of mystery and kitsch.