Eddie Botha: Take A Terror Test, 2017;


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Eddie Botha, the Award-Winning Melbourne, Australia based artist took part in the 2017 Beijing Biennale at the National Art Museum with this artwork. It was a big hit with lots of Interest and acquired by the Museum in the process. The work deals with terrorism and places it as a contradiction with soldiers celebrating with glasses of wine. They are being portrayed as toys, fake and plastic, comical. There are also some females flashing their boobs as a show of sexism that is still active in the world. They also represent vulnerability and attraction, whilst the men soldiers are symbolizing arrogant power.


Courtesy of the artist โ€“ Eddie Botha; Take A Terror Test, 2017; Indian ink on mixed media board; 47 1/4 x 47 1/4 in. (120 x120 cm.)