Eddie Botha Art Tram


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The Music Festival in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is a world-renowned work of art, a local artist with a global reputation, and a favorite of our excellent tram network within the city. The art festival is a rare opportunity to use these combined artworks for experience, starting from @eddiebotha Eddie Bothaโ€™s fascinating creation to the CBD (Central Business District) area.

The Melbourne Art Tram Project celebrates Melbourneโ€™s two unique assets โ€“ trams and creativity โ€“ and recognizes the powerful role that art can play in many different areas, from public spaces to public transportation.

The first art tram, initiated by the Minister of Creative Industries, Martin Foley, was designed by Victorian visual artist Reko Rennie. It has been at the Melbourne Arts Festival and the annual Melbourne since 2016. One of the eight trams that landed in Melbourne as part of the Art Tram Project.


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