Eko Nugroho: Lost in Parody

Lost in Parody is a solo exhibition by the internationally renowned Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho, which is an experimental attitude that reinterprets traditional media such as murals and wall hangings and represents the sound of murals through sculptures, performances, and cartoons to expand the artistic horizon. Listed.

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Nugrohoโ€™s time at the Institut Seni Indonesia coincided with a turbulent period of social and political turmoil in Indonesia. The artist experienced a period of reform and rule, during which he expelled the Suharto regime that ruled Indonesia for more than 30 years. He not only experienced a democratic revolution but also experienced personal will and collective violence. This national shift from street protests will naturally affect the visual art forms available to the public, such as pop art and comics. His artistic creation is mostly derived from the aesthetics of โ€œWayangโ€, which is a traditional shadow puppet show based on Indonesian fables and myths. By reinterpreting local and traditional techniques such as batik (a traditional textile dyeing method) and embroidery, the artist has developed his own style of expression.