Martin Wehmer: Body Fragment

Body Fragments is the fourth Hong Kong solo exhibition of Beijing-based German artist Martin Wehmer, at the same time, he also released the first edition of his new book MJB and โ€œMidwest Hong Kongโ€, which is an art project area jointly initiated by the Midwest Gallery. Wehmer has painted in his iconic thick-coating style for more than 30 years. This is a technique he has mastered through premeditated brush and palette knife strokes. Wehmer is full of expressiveness with painting techniques, while depriving โ€ the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak โ€œ, he adopted Hans Hofmannโ€™s ideology and developed himself โ€œa kind of unique artistic languageโ€, and at the same time integrates own life experience. China came to his canvas as a foreigner.

The titles of the exhibition are derived from Wehmerโ€™s unique observations of human poses and everyday objects from his daily environment or on WeChat and the Internet. Following the elimination of unnecessary thoughts, Wehmer carefully uses brushwork to break down the โ€œBodyโ€ into โ€œFragmentsโ€ visually, which brings together 12 portraits of ordinary people, from some female figures to close-ups of hands, eyes and lips. Due to the lack of defined details, it is impossible to identify the depicted person as a unique person, but the image is still exquisite enough to surpass the general expression of the human body. The artist invites the audience to appreciate their works with an open mind and mind, in order to achieve an open interpretation. โ€ There is no contemporary art without open minds and free human beingsโ€ Weimer said.