Maja Ruznic: Name of the Voice

Name of the Voice is a solo exhibition of works by Maja Ruznic, who uses personal and collective memories to create works closely related to the human mind. She described the painting process as trying to remember a dream, touching on Bracha L. Ettingeโ€™s โ€œMatrixial Borderspaceโ€ theory: the joint effect and emerging expression space across the boundaries of identity and memory.

The artist skillfully weaves the themes of trauma and pain with myth and healing, softening the darker themes in her work, then apply this softening to the painting process, in the painting process, blurring and allowing the shapes to penetrate into each other will destroy the stability of the border. The painting is vague and on the threshold of form, compares it with the thought or feeling before language.

In the new work created for โ€œName of the Voiceโ€, the artist turned to family life and family relations. She was pregnant when she painted and was thinking about her own growth experience: โ€œI wondered what my childhood experience of being a refugee will mean to my daughter โ€“ if anything at all.โ€