Chloe Lamb: New September

New September is the second solo exhibition by the British artist Chloรซ Lamb, which feature a selected abstract oil painting and several wooden structures, which marks the first time that the artistโ€™s sculptures have been exhibited in the United States. Everyday objects, including the beauty and emotional qualities of the surrounding landscape, and the elegance and texture of ordinary materials (such as wood chips). The ongoing pandemic will only increase Lambโ€™s appeal to these elements, because the world has slowed down and peopleโ€™s desire for simple pleasures has grown.

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A few years ago, Lamb began to work on wooden collages and architecture. In order to create these works, she collected some objects from the surrounding places, including abandoned and aging shutters, siding that has been dropped from the local train station, decades-old siding and wooden boards from old wooden boats. Especially in areas that suggest a living history (such as nail holes and paint residue), Lamb often retains the original characteristics of its materials. She organically develops collages, combining works from different places to explore form and color, and in some cases create subtle suggestions that represent elements. The work further incorporates Lambโ€™s paint application, which she uses to emphasize specific original components and fill objects with new life.




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