Eddie Botha: Busy Ness


There is a lovely story in Northampton, the United Kingdom about Zoë Fierro and her granddad – Ronald Smith. A letter for Zoë from Smith, arrived 22 years after it was first posted.

Fierro’s granddad sent a thank you letter, it was posted in June 1998 a few weeks after Mr Smith’s birthday in May. When the letter, that had a second-class stamp on it, arrived on Tuesday, she recognised his handwriting straight away.

As Smith died 21 years ago, she was left amazed and thought someone playing a joke with her. She skipped right to the end to check and it was signed ‘love from grandad’.

The letter said:


For your card and vouchers, very much appreciated.

We were very pleased of your success in your college exams (workshops).

Well done!

Love from


Australia based artist Eddie Botha @eddiebotha in the work – Busy Ness to express his views on love. In the current era, we have things like Facebook and smart phones and email addresses, so people can unfriend or delete your exes completely. A letter delayed 22 years wending its way to the recipient in a period of time, it has “mixed emotions” on the letter.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-54292142

Image Credit: @bbcnews


Courtesy of the artist – Eddie Botha; Busy Ness, 2019; Indian Ink on Mixed Media Board; 11 11/16 x 8 ¼ in. (29,7 x 21 cm.)