Polo Bourieau & Vincent Founier: Future Classic

Future Classic is a joint exhibition that presents unseen new sculptures by the Italian artist Polo Bourieau and photographic work by the French artist-photographer Vincent Fournier.

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This exhibition is a delightful parallel visual encounter between the two artists. They both use opposing media, textures, and tools to connect paper and stone, travel with stillness, earth, and sky, and explore the futuristic vision of the past.

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Fine art photographer Vincent Fournier is fascinated by exploring the boundaries between reality and fiction. In his photo series, not only shows his passion for science, technology, and its mysteries but also creates and conceives a fantasy world. He is poetic and meticulous, transforming real places into utopian images. This exhibition showcases the artistโ€™s different photographic series, from his space explorations to humanoid robots, to monumental buildings to the city of Brasilia.