Jiang Zhi: Can I Become Better?

Can I Become Better? is the solo exhibition by the Chinese Asian Modern & Contemporary artist Jiang Zhi, which portraits on display were executed in 2019 and 2020, a period of social turmoil and a global pandemic when the anthropocentrism world was threatened and the health system, economy, and mutual trust were seriously collapsing. During this time, the artist has become an important hub from the depiction of objects and nature to the embodiment of human beings and their inner states. However, the title of the exhibition reflects the content of self-help books and self-training systems, and the artist expresses hope and optimism based on his belief system and human reality.

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Bones and skulls are the key patterns in the painting. the artist is based on the tradition of Christian souvenirs, allowing these internal organs to convey the inner state of life and transform the inner into the outer. The various events and storms of the past year have drowned peopleโ€™s minds, melted their faces, melted their brains, and left their skulls behind.

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The artistโ€™s exploration of the human body is embodied in the โ€œHuman Body Seriesโ€. These are bright bodies full of vitality and vitality because the oily paint becomes blood, and the brush strokes show veins and muscles in the chaotic background. The series ends with a Gericault-like composition in Human Body No. 6, in which the pale body, also erotic is lifeless on an abstract ground. Life and death are entangled in the present, disappearing from each other.