Tobias Pils: 3 Paintings 2 Drawings 1 Triptyc

3 Paintings 2 Drawings 1 Triptyc is a solo exhibition of new works by the Austrian artist Tobias Pils, which built around Triptych Nr 1. The work includes three paintings that span three different spaces or temperatures through their backgrounds. From almost black to almost white. The recurring patterns in the artistโ€™s works are fused together to form a kind of cross on the left, and the overall composition also appears in other paintings. However, it does not represent the use of graphical visual language, but visually and formally, it will be greatly relieved in the โ€ Untitled (Crucifixion)โ€ painting which is implied by its title and composition. After the crucifixion of Christ, the whole painting cannot be explained in this way.

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The artistโ€™s painting process is characterized by plans, and plans will deny themselves throughout the execution process. In this process, the form of representation is transformed into an abstract form, and the graphic becomes a composition. His work is uncomfortable and challenges the subjectivity of painting, method is very intuitive and is based on the painterโ€™s accident. However, he never realized his plan. On the contrary, the charm of the works created by the artist when he was painting lies in the explanatory verbosity, and his practice is always accompanied by technical exquisiteness and painting ideas. Intermittent and technical proficiency.