OSGEMEOSโ€™ is the second solo exhibition by the Brazilian artists Portal, which uses repeated geometric patterns to remind people of abstract patterns that replace architecture and op art. The exhibition will further penetrate their fantasy/dream world by exploring themes related to mysticism and science fiction. Provide an enhanced, multi-sensory experience, which includes the human imagination and the great possibility of visually explaining the subconscious.

โ €

Using a rich symbolic visual language marked by bright colors and intricate patterns and is often inspired by the dreams and dreams that twin brothers often share. In this exhibition, in โ€œTake a Dog for a Walkโ€, a lonely figure occupies the center of the picture plane. His head is wrapped in a triangular architectural structure, with a strange full perspective, suggesting a spiritual space. The dog that is โ€œwalkingโ€ floats next to the person and connects the two with the light beam from the palm of the hand with only one eye. I swear I saw a figure floating in the center of the picture plane, surrounded by fanatical static lines and colors. His beard and hair are in the shape of temples, and he wears a hat. Upon closer inspection, he is actually a UFO. The character holds a landscape painting, which may be a landscape in another field. It is left to the viewer to determine whether the characters or landscape replace reality, or if they do not overlap. It demonstrates the artistโ€™s ability to integrate symbols, genres and techniques to create a visual narrative that can be interpreted innumerably.