Household Gods

Household Gods specially commissioned works are being displayed, including paintings, sculptures, installations and sound works in specific locations. The exhibition stems from the desire to provide new insights into our complex and uncertain world and aims to solve the relationship between humans in the most intimate environment problems, family and natural and supernatural phenomena. The โ€œHousehold Godsโ€ created and presented in a changing era rethinks how art and creativity empower each of us in content and form, and will be dually presented through virtual and digital media and personal interaction with the exhibition.

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Abbas is developing a series of fixtures that place modular household furniture in a new logic to reveal the unpredictability of images, bodies, and spaces, while Chan is in the sculpture installation questions the psychological and material nature of space as a concept, and explores the fiction and reality of modern daily life. Aspegren has conducted an in-depth study on the quality of sound frequency restoration of the body and brain by presenting sound fragments with a series of small sculptures made from discovered organic objects. Starting from the concept of anxiety, Wuโ€™s work experimented with social norms and created lasting sculptures constructed by preserving material evidence of her daily family life.