Hong Kong On Steps: Tales of Our City

Hong Kong On Steps: Tales of Our City is the latest rendition of the art project. Draw 20 new stories from 11 different artists. Ten of them are from Hong Kong and one is from South Korea.

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This diversified group of artists drew inspiration from the stories of the city and their own personal stories, and added their artistic talents to the mix and match. Therefore, a vivid landscape was created with different themes, one of which is the local cuisine of Hong Kong. Some artists were inspired to create โ€œWonton Noodlesโ€, โ€œA Delicious Bathโ€ and โ€œLove for food in distanceโ€. Some artists have explored shared memories of the public, such asโ€œTimelessโ€, โ€œCandy Vending Machineโ€, โ€œPinball Machineโ€ and โ€œWatch Your Stepโ€. An imaginary world is introduced through โ€œA Day-dreaming Cityโ€, โ€œMarshmallow Planetโ€, โ€œCurious Galactic Meowโ€ and โ€œPortrait of Wind & Thunderโ€, a fictional world is introduced. You can understand the ups and downs of the artistโ€™s journey through the works of โ€œDashโ€, โ€œLet Go and Relaxโ€, โ€œHereโ€ and โ€œLotusโ€. Last but not least, the โ€œButterfliesโ€ of Korean artists is also a must-see destination.